An Interactive Animation Demo. Play with D02 by dragging different itmes onto him so he can play. -Design, Development, Motion, Flash

Develop interactive digital content that engages and encourages participation. Being able to combine both the joys of animation with interactivity was the underlining challenge.

D02 is one of the many characters from the doodle02 universe. What made it special was that there were no facial expressions to depend on, only question marks. The four scenarios were developed to engage the user.

During the evening of D02 Drag N' Drops unveiling there were members of the desired target audience (6-10 years) were present. The group of children spent over forty minutes playing with D02. What was even more encouraging the project was developed without sound, by the end of the event the participants were making their own sound effects and telling each other different stories based on the four already presented. The results were nothing short of AMAZING.